I have loved yoga all my adult life, attending many classes and the inevitable widely differing teaching experiences. Perhaps this qualifies me to recognise extraordinary skill, knowledge, sensitivity and an innate empathy with participants needs – and fallibilities, which is exactly what Clare brings to the role. Her calm serenity is matched by huge levels of anatomical understanding and yogic expertise. And then there is The Voice, the very best aid to relaxation. Clare takes yoga to a whole new level. She’s a brilliant teacher and simply the nicest person you could ever wish to meet.” Karen Barden, Lake District.

“I always feel more aware of how my body works, more flexible in my back and hips, energised and peaceful (at the same time!) after one of Clare’s amazing yoga sessions and generally just more at home in my body. She combines detailed and confident knowledge of the body and its organ systems with a nurturing style, this really makes for transformative yoga sessions.”  Lynne Wyness, Plymouth.

Having experienced many styles of yoga over the years, I just love Clare’s classes, I always feel brilliant afterwards. She has such an extensive knowledge and understanding of how our bodies work and how best to gently stretch, strengthen and relax. Her classes are my favourite part of the week.” Sally Holligan, Cumbria.